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15th Mar 2012Around the World in Eight Faiths

Join us for a window into the world of faith at the University of Birmingham in one afternoon.


A Muslim. A Jew. A Christian. A Hindu and an Atheist. They present myths about their belief and communities. They then get tackled by some select intelligent students followed by the audience.

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16th Mar 2010Comedislam London

Register today to watch students from London University match wits with comedians Imran Yusuf and Prince Abdi. Jeff Mirza hosts.

8th Mar 2010Comedislam Birmingham

Buy tickets today to watch students from Birmingham University match wits with comedians Imran Yusuf and Prince Abdi. Jeff Mirza hosts.

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The Next Three Years

Together we can demonstrate that our campuses are places where people of all faiths and beliefs make a difference.

  • Posted by: jsmith

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Can I Speak About Religion Please!

Is it necessary that you are a believer to have a voice of authority?

9/11 Ten Years On: A New Religious Settlement

9/11 and the subsequent 7/7 attacks on London put religion at the centre of questions of national security, and the boundaries in Britain between the ‘political’ and the ‘religious’ were overthrown.

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Nominations Now Open - Young Muslim Beacon Awards 2011

Nominations now open for the Young Muslim Beacon Awards 2011. Deadline 30th September for Nominations.

Islam Gave Me Superpowers

What does Islam teach you? Does it help you gain indefinite strength? What about defying gravity? Perhaps it can aid in time travel? It may even help you fly... Seeing is believing!

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