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Is Talk of the Caliphate or Jihad 'radical'?

Is talk of the caliphate or jihad 'radical'?

Not necessarily. Most people that hold views that others might consider 'extremist' or 'radical' are particularly interested in 'jihad', interpreted as involving violent action. However, jihad is an extremely broad concept and is a strongly positive idea in Islam; and it is to be expected that Muslims will take it very seriously.

Similarly, the avowed aim of some groups labelled extremist or radical is to establish a Caliphate, and thus heightened interest around that concept may be a feature of those who are attracted to such ideas. However, the Caliphate is a central idea in Islamic history and political thinking, as well as a point of contemporary debate amongst Muslims today. What is of importance in assessing such discussion is whether people show the willingness to achieve social and political aims solely within the bounds of commonly-accepted Islamic ethical principles.