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Setting up Your Blog

Your blog will let you post text, pics and vids for all to see. Official Logo

See an excellent video explaining this process step by step at from our friends at . Kudos to them for this text as well.

You only need to do this once. A blog is a simple way to make a website. It has built-in features that make it easy to post your videos over time.

  • You have direct links to each post containing a video.
  • People can leave comments.
  • Your videos are published in an easy to understand archive.
  • You have a feed that people can subscribe to.
  • All of this happens automatically when you create a free blog.

There are many free blogging services, but we are going to use Blogger because it's the easiest.

Step 1. Go to, Click “Create Your Blog Now”.

Step 2. Enter in your username and password from your YouTube account.

Step 3. Name your blog. You can always change the name later.

Step 4. Choose what you want it to look like by choosing a template.

Step 5. Click Start Posting to make a test post so your blog shows up.

Step 6. Type a title and some content for your first post. A welcome message is a good first post, but it's up to you. Click Publish Post.

Step 7. Click View Blog to see what your blog looks like.

Step 8. Your finished post will show up on your blog.


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