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Using Go To Meeting

We will be meeting online to talk about the project and share ideas. Our meeting point will be


When a meeting is called, you will be sent an invitation email into your account. Joining a meeting on a PC or Mac® computer is easy and just takes a few seconds. Here is what will happen:

1. Go to
2. Type or paste in the Meeting ID provided by the meeting organizer. It will be written in the invitation email you received.
3. Click "Yes" or "Always" (or "Trust" on a Mac) if prompted to accept the download.
4. If requested, enter the meeting password provided by your meeting organizer. You will be entered into the meeting and the Attendee Control Panel and GoToMeeting Viewer Window will appear.
You can also initiate the process of joining a meeting by clicking the link sent to you in an email or instant-message invitation or by clicking the "Join a Meeting" button on the home page.

If you run into trouble, take a look at GoToMeeting's help pages at .


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