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15th Mar 2012Around the World in Eight Faiths

Join us for a window into the world of faith at the University of Birmingham in one afternoon.

19th Sep 2011 to 22nd Sep 2011Birkbeck Orientation Week Diversity Events

Join staff and students at Birkbeck College in interactive explorations of diversity, inclusion and isolation.

7th Mar 2011Under Stand Up - Leeds

A fusion of faith-focused stand up comedy, live performances, audience games, and incredible prizes; all in the name of student led inter-faith!

22nd Oct 2010 to 13th Nov 2010Charity Week Video Toolkit

Revolutionise your Charity Week with these new video toolkits.

21st Jun 2010 to 28th Jun 2010We Have A Winner: FOSIS Annual Video Competition

Both the finalist videos were brilliant in their own unique way; each had a different style and appeal. It is for these reasons that both the voting as well as the judge’s decision was so very close.

22nd Sep 2009 to 25th Sep 2009Official Report: Freshers Week 2009

Societies, Unions, Freebies, Parties, Gyms, Clubs, Credit Cards, Pizza and all things in between made up the bustle at Freshers Fayre(s) across England! Amongst these you may have bumped into the Campusalam team!

19th Aug 2009 to 13th Sep 2009Strings Attached? Student Jury on Government Funding and the Muslim Community: Official Report

Student Jury rules on "Strings Attached? Government Funding and the Muslim Community." Campusalam in partnership with City Circle put on an innovative event to critically explore the impact of government funding on the British Muslim community.

15th Jul 2009 to 31st Jul 2009Website Launch

Announcing the launch of the dynamic and interactive Campusalam website.

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15th Jun 2009Official Report on the Rumble in Westminster

"Why are you criticizing Egypt? I bet you would go there on holiday!", and "Come off it, brov!", were some of the shouts interrupting a student debate at the University of Westminster on the 15th of June 2009.

23rd May 2009Gaza 100 run

Let your feet do the talking!

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The Next Three Years

Together we can demonstrate that our campuses are places where people of all faiths and beliefs make a difference.

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Blogging for Campusalam

Here are some tips and guidelines to get you started in making contributions to the Campusalam website.

FOSIS Video Competition Vote Here

Congratulations to our four finalists, and thanks to all 14 entries for making the competition so fierce. On to the FOSIS Conference!

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Dinosaur or Football: What was funnier?

Leeds students talk about the funniest joke at Comedislam Leeds.

I let my feet do the talking and set the world record!

What can be done here in London to support civilians suffering from the Gaza War? How about setting a Guinness World Record for 100-meter relay runs in 12 hours and raising reconstruction money at the same time?

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  • Interests: arabic language, interfaith action
  • Causes: just peace in Israel/Palestine
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